Street Corner Salvage


Here is my confession: I never just drive by that free stuff on the side of the road without wanting to stop and pick it up! It’s a good thing that I don’t drive a truck or my yard would look like a salvage yard. I don’t see junk, I see projects.

This project started as two outdoor OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
hanging lanterns on rusty chains.
Confession number 2: They sat in my garage for a few years. The chains went in the recycle bin long ago along with all of the electrical guts.

The great thing about a project like this is the simplicity and the price. All it cost me was two cans of spray paint which I will use again many times. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I simply took as much of the lanterns apart as possible and cleaned them. Then I spray painted them inside a box to avoid overspray and reassembled them.

I loved the little onion finials, so they were painted copper to standout. The devil is in the details.

Also, the top could be used as a planter or a waste bind for messy barbeque meals.

I’m considering adding new elecrical parts and turning one into a bedside lamp or nightlight.

Next time you drive by a free pile on the side of the road, you just may want to tap your brakes!

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