Summer Survival Kit!

The heat is on! If you read lady’s magazines, you are probably up to your eyeballs in survival tips for staying pretty and fresh. Hopefully, you will enjoy just a few more!

#1. The Chub Rub!
Most of us gals have a bit of rub between the thighs.. It can mean either having to wear bike shorts under our skirts or just skipping the cute summer dresses all together! 🙁
Try these two tips: Deoderant and/or Baby Powder between the thighs. It works wonders!

#2. What??? Those are Sweat Glands???
This is repetitive.. Same answer as number one! A little deoderant under the breasts will keep your bra fresh and eliminate embarrassing sweat marks.

#3. Don’t Forget the Panties!!!
A little panty liner goes a long way.. Change it out mid day and it’s like have a fresh set of drawers!
Oooh! In a pinch, I once lined my sandals with panty liners to absorb foot sweat!
Plus, I have this silly fantasy about saving a life by stopping someone’s hemorrhaging with a pad and a rubber band! It’s a stretch, but it could happen!!!

#4. Water and Baby Wipes
Of course, you need to drink lots of water on hot days, but adding a few splashes to a baby wipe turns it into the perfect little sponge bath on the run! Wash your face, hands anything! These are the two items I never go anywhere without!

#5. Don’t Let Your Face Melt!
Pack your make-up in ziplock baggies or tupperware and store it in the cooler,, your deoderant too! I know, it’s a little silly to wear make-up while camping. If make-up is a must no one wants to look like a hot mess!

☼ ☼ Now Get Out There!!! ☼ ☼

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