For the Love of Scarves!

Loom knitting does not have to be generic or lame. There are plenty of books out there now with great step by step instructions that can help you create fabulous original designs just like a freehand pro!
Here are three basic stitches to help get you started!

As a side note, these scarves can be made on a long loom or a circle loom. Whatever you have will work!

First: The basic knit.
Wrap the yarn around each peg back to front. Remember to leave just a little slack so you can flip the bottom loop up and over the top.

Now a fun stitch: The Diamond Lace Stitch
From the backside, go past the first peg, wrap to the front of the second peg and between 1 and 2, then around 1 back to front, back between 1 and 2 again and repeat. This will create a figure 8.

Flipping The Loops:
After wrapping the loops from one end to the other, make a second run going the other direction. Then flip the bottom loop up and over the top loop and push the top loop down.

For the diamond lace, run a basic knit in one direction, then a diamond lace stitch when you come back for the second row. Also, you will need to off set each diamond row.
Example: First diamond row, start with one knit, then diamond to the end and end with two knits. Second diamond row, start with two knits, then diamond to the end and end with one knit.
*You’ll want to write your pattern down.

One more stitch: The Pearl Stitch
This is probably the easiest one. Pull the yarn around the front of the peg, then flip the bottom loop over the yarn. With this stitch there is no wrapping, only flipping.

After you have gone completely crazy making scarves, like me, you may need some way to store them! Here is what I found at Ikea, I love it!

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