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Flakey Valentine’s Hearts

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Flakey Valentine’s Hearts (but I’m not bitter or anything like that 😉 .
I may be in love with puff pastry! Honestly, it’s a big commitment to make, so I can give myself a few pats on the back for that at least! Those of you who are actually in love may want to save the time for your sweety and just buy the puff pastry at the store.

These Valentine’s treats aren’t super sweet so they will pair well with a big box of chocolates. (Or, in my case, a huge box of wine!)

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Fun Food: Peep Nest

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Just in time for Easter! This is a super cute, quick fun treat for the holiday. It’s low in fat, but still extra tasty! I keep eating my Peeps out of house and home!

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Berry Crumb Bars

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These Berry Crumb Bars are happiness in just 30 minutes. Quick, tasty and low-fat, if you like berries, you will feel like you have stepped into the best days of summer ☼

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Eggnog Lover’s Cookies!

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If you just can’t get enough eggnog during the holiday season, then this is your cookie. It’s easy and quick, no refridgeration and only one special ingredient that’s on your typical store shelf 🙂

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Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

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Pumpkin season is upon us! I’m a big fan of seasonal eating.. Let’s not forget the old saying, waste not want not. So, after openning one of those giant cans of pumpkin puree the race is on to use it up 🙂 What better way to use pumpkin than in baking. These Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies more than did the trick and they are quite the treat 😉

I might also note that they are half the fat and twice the flavor of a normal oatmeal cookie.

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Puzzle Cookies

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Here’s a fun finger food idea for a game night, Puzzle Cookies. Best of all, you wont need cookie cutters and you wont have to re-roll the dough.

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Zesty Orange Cookies

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Here’s another take on my super soft, eggless cookies. You’ll only need one orange to make these zesty, aromatic goodies.

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Coconut Cow Patty Cookies

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Wanna see your cowgirl smile? Add Coconut to your Cow Patties! These Coconut Cow Patty Cookies are no bake drop cookies. Just plop the hot gewy mixture on a cookie sheet and chill. They may not be purty, but they sure taste nice!

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Mocha Madeleines

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Madeleines are delicious. Mocha Madeleines are divine!

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Banana Biscotti ~ Lowfat Perfection!

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I should just say Fat Free! The only fat in these Beautiful Banana Biscottis comes from one egg! So, if you are looking for the perfect healthy snack food, this is pretty darn close.

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