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Spicy, Cool, Turnip Salad

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This post is a little different for me. My daughters and I love Chinese food, but it is very meat heavy! So, I have been looking online for good meatless Chinese recipes and I hit the mother load with this online download cookbook, Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking with Jim.

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Mexican Couscous Salad

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A Mexican twist on couscous creates a spicy-cool salad or a quick lunch. The only time consuming part of this recipe is waiting for the couscous to cool.. This is Easy Vegan that will please everyone!

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Fresh, Fast, Fantastic Tabouli

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Tabouli is not as strange and exotic as you may think. The ingredients are fresh and common to any grocery store or garden. Like so many other wonderful Mediterranean dishes, tabouli is light, refreshing and healthy!

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Cool Creamy Greek Salad

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This wonderful, cool, creamy greek salad is really fast and easy to make. It goes great with just about any meal, but it’s perfect for picnics and barbeques!

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