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Lace Undershorts

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If you have that long shirt or short dress in your closet that you just can’t figure out how to wear, if you have the problem of “chub-rub” or if you are just looking for something fun and flirty to wear this summer, you will love these lace undershorts!

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Street Corner Salvage

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Here is my confession: I never just drive by that free stuff on the side of the road without wanting to stop and pick it up! It’s a good thing that I don’t drive a truck or my yard would look like a salvage yard. I don’t see junk, I see projects.

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Spicy, Cool, Turnip Salad

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This post is a little different for me. My daughters and I love Chinese food, but it is very meat heavy! So, I have been looking online for good meatless Chinese recipes and I hit the mother load with this online download cookbook, Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking with Jim.

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Greek Lassagna, Veggie Style

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I’m hoping to pull an honorary Greek card for this recipe!
While I don’t have a drop of Greek in my blood, I am in love with Mediterraean flavors. Plus, I’m always looking for a way to incorporate spinach and other tasty veggies into my dishes.
Before you turn your nose up at this meatless wonder, you should know, it has won over a few very serious meat lovers!

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Chick Chic Lace Tie

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My model didn’t experience the 80’s. She definitely didn’t experience the 20’s, but that hasn’t stopped her from loving the fashion trends of those eras!

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Flakey Valentine’s Hearts

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Flakey Valentine’s Hearts (but I’m not bitter or anything like that 😉 .
I may be in love with puff pastry! Honestly, it’s a big commitment to make, so I can give myself a few pats on the back for that at least! Those of you who are actually in love may want to save the time for your sweety and just buy the puff pastry at the store.

These Valentine’s treats aren’t super sweet so they will pair well with a big box of chocolates. (Or, in my case, a huge box of wine!)

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Vegetarian Lasagna Pie In 40 Minutes

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Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes, but I rarely make it. Why? It just takes too long! This dish is the answer to a weeknight dinner delemma. Super healthy, reduced fat, vegetarian lasgna can be made in just 40 minutes!

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Freshen Up Old Scarves with New Lace

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Here’s a fresh look for your old scarves. I love that it is ok to be feminine again! Also, everything old is new. So, it’s time to dig those lonely, silk scarves out of the back of the closet and create something fun that your friends and daughters will love.

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Blackberry Cream Cheese Tart

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Ah Blackberries! We seem to be having an extended blackberry season here in the Northwest, so I thought I would offer another way to enjoy the succulent and dangerous treat!

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Summer Survival Kit!

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The heat is on! If you read lady’s magazines, you are probably up to your eyeballs in survival tips for staying pretty and fresh. Hopefully, you will enjoy just a few more!

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