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Lace Undershorts

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If you have that long shirt or short dress in your closet that you just can’t figure out how to wear, if you have the problem of “chub-rub” or if you are just looking for something fun and flirty to wear this summer, you will love these lace undershorts!

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Chick Chic Lace Tie

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My model didn’t experience the 80’s. She definitely didn’t experience the 20’s, but that hasn’t stopped her from loving the fashion trends of those eras!

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Freshen Up Old Scarves with New Lace

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Here’s a fresh look for your old scarves. I love that it is ok to be feminine again! Also, everything old is new. So, it’s time to dig those lonely, silk scarves out of the back of the closet and create something fun that your friends and daughters will love.

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Three Plaid Scarves from One Shirt :)

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I saw a lady with a cute plaid scarf the other day and instantly thought of a man’s flannel shirt. Then I started wondering how many scarves one shirt could produce… My answer, 3.

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Simple Sewing Save

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Start with the dumpy shirt. Everyone has one in the closet. It’s the perfect foundation for trying out your ability to tailor your own clothing.

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The Tie Skirt

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Here is yet another great project for the wanna-be sewer out there. A tie skirt is really easy to make. Plus, ties are both lovely and cheap if you get them second hand. Honestly, the hardest part is choosing ties that match.

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Fabulous, Bug Veil-Scarf

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If you know anyone who is a mosquito magnet, then you know why I made this scarf for my daughter. Every summer, she becomes a hermit after dark from fear of being attacked.

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Old Blanket = New Kimonos

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My daughter chose this beautiful blanket for her bed, but it never worked out. The backing was cheap and fell apart, the fluff shifted and the blanket slid off the bed. So, this beautiful fabric has been sitting in a closet forever. I just couldn’t throw it away.

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The Tooth Fairy Pillow, A Tale of Creative Recycling

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This adorable tooth fairy pillow is not only lovely, but earth friendly and a real blessing for the local tooth fair. Think of the difficult work of the tiny tooth fairy, having to crawl under huge pillows in search of each and every lost tooth. This way, the tooth is easily found and retrieved making her work a snap 😉

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Fun Anklets from Broken Sandals

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These sandals used to be Alex’s favorite pair. So, when they broke she asked me if I could repair them for her. But, sadly, they were gone for good. Or were they?

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